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L'ORéal metal detox

L'ORÉAL Metal Detox for hair

At Exhibit A we are proud to be working with L’Oréal Professionnel.



We stock their Metal Detox range which consists of the Professional Pre-treatment, Professional Shampoo and Professional Detox Mask.


These products form a three-step protocol that L’Oréal have created to remove metals 

from the hair.


Why is it important to remove metals from the hair?

Our hair frequently comes into contact with metals through washing with tap water.


The build up of metals leaves the hair vulnerable to breakage and can also lead to undesirable results before and after colour treatments.



This three-step protocol is important to apply before colouring, balayage or lightening the hair.


Treating the hair with these products not only nourishes and softens the hair but protects against the build-up of metal particles in the future.


How do we apply the protocol during your service?
  1. We apply the pre-treatment to neutralise the hair before colouring.
  2. We then apply the anti-metal cleansing shampoo to detoxify the hair after colouring.
  3. Finally, the anti-deposit detox mask is applied to protect the hair.


If you’re interested in colouring or lightening your hair, please ask us about this three-step protocol at your next service. Price on appointment.


For more information, check out L’Oréal Professionnel’s website.


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