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ghd Unplugged™ Cordless Hair Straighter

Do you want to achieve ghd’s salon quality styling on the go? Find out why we love the the ghd Unplugged™ Cordless Hair Straighter. Located in Miranda, NSW.


At Exhibit A hair salon we love ghd straighteners because they offer various methods of styling from a straight sleek look to wavy curls.


Often clients ask us about how to achieve ghd salon quality styling on the go. Now, we can finally recommend the ghd Unplugged™.


The ghd Unplugged™ cordless hair straighter is ghd’s new product that is great for all round styling and everyday convenience.


The ghd Unplugged™ works the same as a regular ghd straighter so there is no compromise on quality and the 185-degree styling temperature. 


This straightener is perfect for days when you go need to go from day to night or are looking to travel lightly.


How does it work?


The straightener has a USB-C cable and plug, charging in 2 hours* either from connecting to a regular power point, car or laptop. It can be used for up to 20 minutes cord free. It also comes with a heat-resistant carry case for secure and easy travel.


Quick, sleek and smooth hair has never been so achievable. Ask about the ghd unplugged™ next time you visit the salon.


For more information, visit the ghd website.


*Disclaimer: charging method may change total recharge time.


Why we love the ghd Unplugged™ Cordless Hair Straighter[/caption]


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